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TURKEY Press Release

FISE expresses its indignation at the new employers’ crime which took place in a mine in Somme of Western Turkey. This resulted in the death of at least 201 workers, while hundreds of other workers are still captivated in the mine.

The enterprise  “SOMA Komur Isletmeleri A.S.”, the owner of the mine, is criminally responsible, since it wouldn’t even  take the basic security measures but also because they have increased the use of subcontractors and the violent pressure to the workers so that they produce as much as possible under hideous circumstances. Continue reading

FISE condemns the abductions of female students in Nigeria

nigeria girls

 7th of May 2014

The teachers’ unions affiliated to FISE must condemn the abductions of female students by the extreme Islamic organization “Boko Haram”.

The extreme Islamic organization  “Boko Haram” (which means “western education is forbidden”), seeks the violent imposition of the Islamic law in Nigeria and has taken full responsibility of the massive abduction of about 300 female high school students.

The recent abductions started a day after the fatal bombing of the same organization in a bus station of the capital Abuja, in the afternoon of May Day, with dozens of young workers who were waiting for the means of public transport Continue reading

PUBLIC FORUM: North America’s Fight for Public Education


Quebec teachers on strike.

Faculty and staff in public education are sick of seeing more students struggle in school as politicians demand more budget-cuts and more time for testing instead of teaching. It’s like having to sweep up behind one shock-wave after another, while being blamed for them. But instead of feeling powerless, educators from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. are coming to Chicago in May to strategize about the next steps in their mutual defense of public education.


Teachers across Mexico have been fighting against corporate attacks on public education, including occupation in Mexico City.

From Oaxaca up to Chicago to Quebec, budget cuts to schools and colleges left fewer teachers and staff serving more students with fewer resources, for less pay. Meanwhile, private companies got more public moneyto run charter schools, give standardized tests, and sell online programs. Continue reading


 All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions MAY DAY RALLY


No 2 APFUTU May day railly


No 1 The Gujrat Union of Journalists railly on May day.


No 4 Child labour freed school of APFUTU students railly on MAY DAY in Gujrat


No 3 APFUTU established Brick Kiln Workers Children marching in MAY DAY Railly




No 6 innocent children of Brick Kiln Workers Children School are sitting on hunger strike and they demanding that CHILD LABOUR please be stop in Pakistan


No 5 Brick kiln workers Children School of APFUTU May Day Railly.