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A shame for the ETUCE ! It participates in imperial plans in Ukraine. DOE and OLME should withdraw immediately

edupame-agglikoA shame for the ETUCE !
It participates in imperial plans in Ukraine.
DOE and OLME should withdraw immediately

In this month’s newsletter of the ETUCE(European Trade Union Committee for Education), they present the visit of a delegation in Ukraine on March 13th and 14th of 2014.

The delegation met the direction of the teachers’ federation in Ukraine, the Minister of Education of the new pro-nazi government, the representatives of the USA embassy in Ukraine etc. As we see, that was not about a visit of “union or educative content”… Continue reading

Massive protests in Spain and England

Massive protests in Spain and England

The FISE welcomes the teachers, the university and school students in Spain and in Great Britain, who are protesting against the reactive reforms proposed by the governments of their countries about Education.
More specifically, in Spain, thousands of university and secondary school students were abstaining from their lessons and participated in massive manifestations in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, to protest against the new reform in education, that increases the cost for the ordinary households and, through the severe criterions puts limits in scholarships, because of the immense reductions of the state budget. In the meanwhile, in Great Britain, thousands of teachers were on strike on Wednesday, chanting “no” to the exhausting working conditions imposed by the British Ministry of Education, as well as against the extremely low wages and the unresolved salary and pension problems of the sector. The rally affected the function of about 10.000 schools, while the ministry of Education claimed  that 12% of schools in Wales and in England were completely closed.