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FISE condemns the murderous attack in a high school in north-east Nigeria


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The new attack of the islamist organization “Boko Haram”(which means “the west education is forbidden”) in a high school in north-east Nigeria was the reason why 43 people, mainly students and teachers, lost their lives. The gunmen, also, kidnapped many people and set the school and other governmental buildings of the city on fire.  Continue reading

FISE with the Greeks teachers against the program «teachers4europe»



The secretary of FISE expresses its opposition to the educational program of the E.U., which takes place in Greece, entitled “teachers for Europe”. The main purpose of this program is the submission of the teachers to the policies of the E.U. and to the service of the interests of the multinational companies and of the monopolies. Through these programs, they attempt to corrupt the conscience of young students and to promote the image of the school-company, of the student-client and of the commercialized education.     Continue reading

New Bulletin: The WFTU positions

New Bulletin: Read all about the Presidential Council Session

19 February 2014

2014_02_bulletin_pc-session_v1_page_1.thumbnailRead all about the Presidential Council Session in the new informative Bulletin of the WFTU.

Which are the important activities to be organized for the year 2014, which solidarity resolutions did the Presidential Council conclude to, what was the 2013 outlook of the WFTU in numbers.

Also Read extracts from the General Secretary’s introductory speech.

2014_02_BULLETIN_PC Session_V.1

WFTU stands in solidarity with the fair struggle of the London Underground Workers

World Federation of Trade Unions

Athens, Greece – February 5th, 2014

WFTU stands in solidarity with the fair struggle of the London Underground Workers

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 86 million workers in 126 countries around the world salutes the struggle of the London Underground workers in Britain who have joined forces in industrial action to stop cuts in jobs, services and security.

The 48-hours strike action that began last night has been rock solid and this has meant the London Underground network has effectively been closed down.

In a united voice transport workers say no to casualization, zero-hour contracts, poverty pay and bogus self-employment! Continue reading