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Solidarity message with the teachers of Philippines

Solidarity message with the teachers of Philippines

November 10, 2013

 FISE expresses its support to the people of Philippines that have been affected by the strong Haiyan hurricane, leaving behind more than 10.000 dead and 2.000 missing people, ruined houses and streets, as well as survivors seeking desperately for food and help.

Once again, the poor peoples are affected by intense weather conditions that would certainly had less fierce consequences for them, if the science and the technology would serve the human life by building safe houses, rather than the profits of the monopolies. Continue reading

Athens: Speech of the WFTU General Secretary at the International Conference on Asbestos, October 30 2013



Opening speech by the WFTU General Secretary
Cde George Mavrikos at the WFTU International Trade Union Conference on ASBESTOS


mavrikos5Dear colleagues and comrades,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you here at the seat of the World Federation of Trade Unions, in Athens, for this important international initiative of the WFTU on Asbestos. We are happy to have you with us today, despite financial and other difficulties the trade union movement internationally is facing. Allow me to welcome you, on behalf of the leadership of WFTU.

These days the WFTU has many important activities in all continents:

• In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, trade unionists from over 20 countries took part in the World Congress of TUI Metal and Mining of the WFTU.

• In Malaysia on October 25, 140 trade unionists from 14 countries of Asia took part in the annual regional meeting of Asia – Pacific Region. Continue reading

Brussels: FISE WFTU International Trade Union Conference on Education, October 28-29 2013

OThe FISE – WFTU International Conference on Education titled “The subject of the conference is “The role of teachers today, today’s school, public education, democracy in education” kicked off yesterday with great success at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The FISE Conference was presided by the leadership of this WFTU TUI, General Secretary Orlando Perez (from Venezuela) and President Hassan Ismail (Lebanon), elected by the FISE Congress that was held in Caracas Venezuela in September 2012.  Continue reading

Malaysia: The General Secretary’s Speech at the WFTU Asia-Pacific Meeting, 25-26 October 2013

The introductory speech of the WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos to the WFTU Asia-Pacific Meeting taking place in Port Dickson, Malaysia on the 25-26 October 2013:

mavrikos1    Dear comrades, Dear friends,

I salute you on behalf of the WFTU Secretariat and the 86 million working people that our class-oriented organization represents in 120 countries of the world.
It is an honor to be here with you in this All-Asia and Pacific trade union meeting under the generous hospitality of NUBE here in Malaysia. I want to underline that this meetings and the frequency and consistency these meetings have, is a great step forward for the WFTU. It shows:
the important and stable steps of the WFTU the past years.
It shows the great potentials, the abilities that the WFTU and the class-oriented trade union movement have, if they work with strategy, with specific tactics, with determination.
It proves that the WFTU has presence and action for the contemporary problems of the working people in all continents. Continue reading

The role of the progressive teacher

World Teachers’ Day

The role of the progressive teacher

Fellow teachers 

In conditions of global capitalist crisis, with acute problems of the working class, with increased problems of the poor peoples, of the peoples who shed their blood by the imperialist wars, the teachers must stand up as educators, scientists and pioneer militants.

The differences exist from country to country and from continent to continent can not justify inactivity to any teacher. We must all give our best to teach the historic and scientific truth, the lesson of the right of the peoples, of the poor and downtrodden, even when the educational system wants to muzzle us, when the directives of the imperialist organizations intervene in the analytical programs and in the content of education so that it will be adapted to their interests. Even when the reformist trade unions talk about development opportunities for the teachers through anti-educational and anti-scientific programs, in conditions of fierce competitiveness and commercialization of education the teachers are obliged to indiscipline and obey the interests of their class. They must not teach the lies planned by imperialism, aiming at passing them in the pure minds of the pupils.  Continue reading

WFTU – FISE Conference, 28-29 October 2013 “The role of teachers today”

KTOS Speech:

 We thank FISE and WFTU for inviting us here. We greet all our comrades here with feelings of international solidarity.

We represent the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union. We come from Cyprus, but from the north of Cyprus. Our country is currently divided into two. The north of the island is under the control of Turkey. Turkish governments have an extensive influence on our economic and social structures.  Therefore, as well as dealing with problems arising from the division of our island, we are also struggling with economic problems that are created by our peculiar economic structure.

A few years ago, in 2008, a law that would restructure all the sectors in the north of the country was introduced. The society fought hard to stop the implementation of this law but they did not succeed. The law has been dubbed as the “emigration law” by the society because it would force the people, especially the youth, to leave the country due to the decreased standard of life. The neoliberal policies of this law envision cuts and austerity measures and they have been implemented in many areas, including health and education. Continue reading