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Greetings from the Palestinian delegation in FISE Conference

To all members of the Conference
Congratulate you and pleasure at the end of the World Federation FISE, which was held in Brussels from 28-29 / October / 2013 and thank you for welcoming our union representative from Palestine and thank your solidarity with Palestine teachers and workers and the people of Palestine. We hope that this conference that the decisions are applied Continue reading

Chile: Protests for free education

Chile: Protests for free education


Dozens of thousands of students and teachers in Santiago of Chile have protested to claim free education. It is significant that it is the sixth struggle since the beginning of the year.

The university students in Chile have participated in almost 100 demonstrations, since 2011, inviting Sebastian Piniera government to establish  Continue reading



PAME denounces the government of Italy as well as the other “neoliberal” and social-democratic governments of the EU about the fatal shipwreck, outside the Italian island Lampedusa. The coffin-ship transported economic refugees from Ghana, Somalia and Eritrea. Continue reading



DSCF22801- The General Federation visit to a site next to the apartheid wall in one of the villages of Jenin and work to help the people in the olive harvest threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army as a result of its proximity to the separation wall that Israel is building onPalestinian land.

2- Big labor meeting in Tulkarem – Palestine
On the occasion of the World Labor Day, October 3 2013 convening of the General Union of Palestine Workers for a large labor meeting in Tulkarm and was attended by about 40 workers and representatives of the social partners Palestinians.  Continue reading

5 OCTOBER: World Teachers’ Day – The role of the progressive teacher

World Teachers’ Day

 The role of the progressive teacher

Fellow teachers 

In conditions of global capitalist crisis, with acute problems of the working class, with increased problems of the poor peoples, of the peoples who shed their blood by the imperialist wars, the teachers must stand up as educators, scientists and pioneer militants.

The differences exist from country to country and from continent to continent can not justify inactivity to any teacher. We must all give our best to teach the historic and scientific truth, the lesson of the right of the peoples, of the poor and downtrodden, even when the educational system Continue reading