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Hundreds of thousands of children without access to basic goods. According to the survey conducted for Unicef by the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Athens:

•in 2011 69.000 children lived in abject misery, that is, in families where there is poverty, severe material deprivation and low work intensity.The corresponding figure in 2010 was 12,000 children. Within a year, not only has the number multiplied almost seven times, Continue reading

Mali: WFTU Solidarity Mission close the suffering Malian people

vjoYs4Implementing the resolution of the successful 2nd Panafrican WFTU Affiliates meeting held in Sudan on February 2013, a delegation of WFTU was send to the suffering Mali to express the solidarity of the WFTU affiliates and friends to the Malian people. 

Mali is a country of more than 14.5 million people. 3rd biggest producer of gold in Africa. Where more than half of the population survives with below $ 1,25 per day. 80% are involved in agriculture while cotton is the main product. Mali has been in continuous instability and suffering following the autonomist extremist movement of jihadist groups in Northern Mali, the coup d’etat of March 2013 and the French-led imperialist intervention which was supported by many forces as well as African countries. The French government has announced that it will sustain a force of 1,000 soldiers indefinitely adding to the 5,000 soldiers it has in its 4 bases in Africa while a “Donors Conference” is taking place in Brussels to decide upon the future of the country. Continue reading


 Education workers, supported by their trade unions, are giving a hard battle to achieve improvements in public education and working conditions provoked by the stubbornness of many capitalist governments, companies and institutions to achieve the privatization of education, in solving the crisis through wage cuts, unfair dismissal of teachers and other workers, reducing pay incentives, violating collective agreements, no respect for the dignity of workers and offering temporary jobs. Continue reading