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SADTU on the March!

clip_image002In Defence of Collective Bargaining and for SADTU3
Promotion of Quality Public Education
17th April 2013:
     Local Pickets all over South Africa
24th April 2013:
     National Marches:
  • to Union Buildings, Pretoria
  • to Parliament, Cape Town
People’s Education for People’s Power! 

1st May 2013

Message of FISE for the May Day, International Workers’ Day

            The Secretariat of FISE calls its trade unions-members around the world to honor the International Workers’ Day with mass militant events.

            FISE is an organization that struggles for the rights of teachers, as well as for the right of all children of the working class, farmers, self-employed, for the right of women to have access to education, to obtain class consciousness, to learn that without the struggles of the class-oriented trade unions they can not have achievements.  Continue reading


The World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE) was informed about the delay in issuance and renewal of passports in Pakistan that has seriously affected 1 million people in the country, the majority being workers (in Pakistan and abroad) and students, a large number of which cannot join their foreign educational institutions if their passports not given to them timely. This situation forces many citizens to pay extra charges for getting urgent passports. Continue reading

We support the teachers’ struggle in Denmark


We support the teachers’ struggle in Denmark

One out of five schools have been shut down since 2004 till today in Denmark. The amount of students per classroom has been raised and the teachers’ work is getting more and more difficult.

At the same time, the government along with community authorities have enforced reductions in the teachers’ payment, raise of their working hours and abolition of conquered rights. The teachers are organizing massive strikes in every city in Denmark, demanding the signature of a collective agreement, that will cover their needs. Continue reading