Education workers, supported by their trade unions, are giving a hard battle to achieve improvements in public education and working conditions provoked by the stubbornness of many capitalist governments, companies and institutions to achieve the privatization of education, in solving the crisis through wage cuts, unfair dismissal of teachers and other workers, reducing pay incentives, violating collective agreements, no respect for the dignity of workers and offering temporary jobs.

In 2012 thousands of workers were on strike in Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and other nations they were scenarios of large protests.

Today, the struggle continues, workers of various unions in Spain, the SUTIEMS of Mexico, the National Federation of Educators of Paraguay are or were on strikes and demonstrations demanding their rights.

Student organizations have also rallied strongly as in Chile and Puerto Rico and many have supported the workers in their struggle.

The WFTU supports the just struggle of the education workers worldwide and demands the right to a free public education, the respect workers fundamental rights and that the students- our workers children- receive a quality education where everyone has full access.

Education is a right of the people, not a privilege of a few, or a market product.

We must defend our and our children rights, with the class struggle, against the inhuman capitalism and against privatization.