Dozens of students dead from jihadist attack

April 3, 2015


   The World Teachers’ Union FISE , member of the World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU condemns the massacre   of young students in the university town Garissa in Kenya. Condemns those who have an interest in inciting   hundreds of  killings of students and  civilians allegedly for religious reasons.
The slaughter  that took place on  04/02/2015 was caused by jihadi  armed Somalies members of  “al-Shabab” organization (meaning Youth),  giving one more excuse   to the Kenyan authorities for even tougher crackdowns.
According to announcements of  Interior Minister Joseph Enkaiseri, the dead students riddled with  bullets of  jihadists are “at least 147”! He noted that the attack ended yesterday evening  when  the Kenyan authorities managed to kill all   four gunmen who were holding hostage dozens of students from yesterday dawn.
Dozens are injured while unknown remains the number of students (mostly Christians) who were held hostages by jihadists in the university building.
The mastermind of  the massacre is  Mohammed Kuno , (a   former headmaster at a school  in  Garissa  ) ,commander of the “al-Shabab” and outlawed for $ 215.000
The fact is, however, that the representative of the “Shabab” Sheikh Ali Mouchamount Raz, speaking to AFP attempted to justify the attack saying it aims to “kill everyone who is against” Shabab “.”
The attacks and killings on the pretext of religious differences in Kenya, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere fill us with  sadness and anger for those who incite such attacks which  useful to imperialist interests but devastating for the people and the working class of all of the world.
We invite teachers to teach children the love for freedom, and parity. To teach respect for different religions, different cultures  and the different color of our fellowmen.
We urge the unions in Asia and Africa to launch renovation campaign  for the devastating effects of religious fundamentalism.
The resentment and anger of the people must be directed against the real causes of the problems. Otherwise it  gives possibility to unpopular governments and imperialist mechanisms to increase repression and terrorism.