Demonstration of Solidarity With the Refugees

Athens, April 4, 2016


PAME held a militant demonstration on Friday, April 1st to condemn the law of the SYRIZA Government on the Refugee Situation, which imposes the EU-Turkey Agreement and will lead to trapping of thousands of refugees in Greece. It will escalate oppression against the refugees and turn Greece into a huge “prison”, as the Agreement considers the refugees as “illegal” and thus, it imprisons them.
PAME and the class unions of Athens, organized the demonstration under the slogan, “Murderers-Thieves-Hypocrites Are the European Imperialists”, “NATO Out of the Aegean Sea” and “Immediate Measures for Support and Relief of the Refugees”
At the same time the class unions and people’s committees continue their daily, material support to the refugees, all over Greece.

Photos from the demonstration:

Video of the demonstration: