CTSU: Solidarity message on Yemen teachers strike

Dear comrades,
The Ceylon Teachers Service Union which is affiliated to FISE extends its solidarity with militant greetings and urge the government of Yeman to solve the wages problem as soon as possible without trying to subotage their struggle by using volunteers.
It’s a common strategy of the capitalist governments to crush the struggles by using various strategies i.e. volunteers,army personnels etc. Likewise the Yeman government is ready to use volunteers instead of teachers. We vehemently condemn it and also we think it’s an utter familiar because teaching the students is not just an easy task.
We know all over the world working class as well as teachers face lots of problems especially the wages problems. But the rulers have failed to solve them. Therefore we have to resort to the trade union actions. The rulers should resolve the problems without subotaging the trade union actions. Hence we urge the Yeman government again and again to solve the wages problems of their teachers without failure.
With militant greetings
Mahinda Jayasinghe
General Secretary of CTSU.