The national coordinator of education workers, CNTE, at his birth, 38 years ago, we decided to take our hands our source of work, i.e. the democratization of education; Since then along with our struggles for a democratic Union and a different nation, have gone through a series of analysis, debate, and consensus of the education that is needed for the country, through the project of nation from the social historical subject that is It is through several areas of discussion, analysis and construction, today the essential elements that are part of the pedagogical route socialized, this proposal covers cross-cutting themes in defense of public education.

As a result of this long road of struggle, all the elaborate proposals reflect an emancipatory sense committed, critical and dialogical, decolonizaer of thought, of an education that should be taught to reflect and recognize the problems socio-economic and political of our nation and our time to collectively drive its transformation.

The alternative proposal contemplates a flexible education that enables the incorporation of local knowledge, closely linked with the communities, contributing to forge the various empowered human, attends the social interests and humanists to It realizes the dealigment and emancipation of the subjects, based on the scientific knowledge that is based on the culture from a critical appreciation and Dialogic enabling a reflection to rethink public education.

Our philosophical principles developed consciousness for the transformation of the predatory capitalist society.

We develop in our schools and with militant teachers of the CNTE, an education that puts the human being who becomes consciously and transforms its environment in the Centre.

Of the hundreds of educational developments that the CNTE, develops across the country; We are in a process of national conjunction, which recovers key elements.

We start from preserving the worldview of native peoples, since its entire process of cultural development in the harmonization and respect for nature, where human beings are one more element.

Our aspiration is a free and emancipated society in the construction of a nation sovereign and free of exploitation that puts at the center of the formation of the cult, free and thinking human being. The theoretical perspective in which we base is the materialistic dialectical method of analysis and transformation of reality.

We hope to human beings with a wide universal culture and the mastery of scientific knowledge, United by reason and transformative critical thinking. A new society where the momentous role is assumed by the popular democratic, cults and educators committed to just causes for the people.

Educators that recognize people and act with the people and for the people in defense of their rights. With regard to the social subject, for an integral formation of the human raise profiles in training that ensures a healthy coexistence with the environment and social, are lines of action that have to do with the formation of a social identity and autonomy collective in correspondence with the Community dimensions live each person; economic, political, social, cultural, ecological and cosmogonic planetary.

Profiles that characterize the social subject are as follows: human physically healthy; laborious and accustomed to the work; with a comprehensive language development; ethical and intelligent; emotional and sensitive. The implementation of our curriculum design in the space of the school with production networks based on Humanized work, in the school and community classroom Assembly as a central element to be prefiguring the new homeland.

The work within schools is based on humanism, social work as a common good based on freedom, ethics and social justice, in reflection, democratization and community participation active peoples.

We regard the human being as the beginning and end of the institutions based on the ideals of freedom, equality and social justice. To the commonality as a way of life and raison d ‘ être of indigenous and mestizo peoples.

We sustain our do in the dialectical process, pedagogical collectives are social cells where all teach and learn all, involves the claim to the sense of teaching, making this profession, not just the what and how teaching, but rather a Dialogic, thoughtful, analytical, ethical, philosophical, participatory action, PROBLEMATIZING and systematics, which articulates the actions of the classroom, the school and the community with multidisciplinary knowledge, with the matter of labour and other sciences; anthropology, sociology, philosophy and ethics.

We build every day education, humanist that focuses on the student to generate all the necessary enabling that learning experiences become rewarding, motivating situations that favour development socio-affective and generate processes of awareness, reflection, analysis and creativity. With a comprehensive development of all the capabilities of the human being, that it not divides or restricting.

We promote the harmonious development of the full human being, in each of its dimensions; physical, intellectual, psychological, social, civic, ethical, aesthetic and cultural, allowing exercise their cognitive, physical, aesthetic and emotional faculties as part of transforming education.

We promote the identification of elements with a critical character of society, education and its role in the formation of social subjects that have the capacity to think and rethink their social practice and the world that surrounds them, we went to the dialogue constant, the debate of ideas and the formulation of thesis that gives us conditions of learning based on the construction of arguments and egalitarian and interactive dialogue. The construction of knowledge through the debate and discussion are privileged testing ideas and not imposing them through the power.

Alternative education is a process that walks towards the popular education that is cultural heritage and historical memory of a village which emerges from the colonial features and face the adversities of the global politics of money and its wild commercial laws and cosificantes.

We have not only developed proposal and teaching practice; any project or program is complete without the legal elements. In the citizen initiative presented to the Senate of the Republic in February 2017, “Public education for all and all” establish the characteristics of the national education system, SEN, we need a Mexicans and Mexican; We also expose all the proposal evaluation, its components, its goals, and its prospects.

We also generate based on the experience of decades of struggle; pedagogical and political developments, the main components of the SEN: budget, relevance, coverage, social, regional and cultural contexts, obligations and rights, among others.

We conceive education as the main element of the new society, therefore social political movement of masses, as we also conceive as a pedagogical movement, that becomes one with the people and participates in the resolution of domestic problems and contributes to social transformation.

Our educational vision and our life projects also have the internationalist look, we want to learn from all countries and wish to contribute to that learning we are carried.

Towards the project of nation, Social subject for educational transformation.

National Coordinator of education workers, CNTE, Mexico.