FISE was created in July 1946 by a conference in Paris. FISE is a democratic organisation uniting the unions and professional organizations of workers in all categories and at the level of education , without distinction as  to nationality , race or political, philosophical  or religious opinions.
Existing within World Federation  of Trade Unions ,(WFTU) , FISE  in conformity with article 13 of the  Constitution of  WFTU has its own sovereignty  and its own  international  professional charter determined  by the characteristics and conditions of teaching profession and scientific research.
FISE affirms its vocation and its competence in all questions  concerning their profession  as  well as  all problems concerning trade union and  professional organisation  of teachers applying  and developing the programmes of the WFTU with regard to educational workers.
FISE elaborates its own independent demands and supports in the international organizations demands common to all teachers concerning their living and working conditions as  well as  educational problems.
Among the teachers and their trade unions and professional organizations on the national, regional and the world levels FISE gives impetus to, supports and develops fraternal cooperation, aid and mutual  understanding and  solidarity. Taking the fundamental community of interest of teachers and all workers as a starting point.
FISE is working for the trade union unity of teachers with the working class as  a whole .
It is making the specific contribution of educational workers to the permanent actions for social progress and the defense of peace and to the struggle of the working class and the peoples against the monopolies, imperialism, colonialism , neo colonialism in conformity with the basic aims and general orientation of the WFTU.
FISE determines its orientation and its activities without foreign interference in complete independence from political parties and governments.  It accepts and encourages help and cooperation with all organizations and democratic forces pursuing aims similar to its own  and conformity with the general interest of teachers.

The essential aims of FISE are:

-To unite all organizations of educational and scientific workers in all countries in the struggle for defense of their professional economic, social and moral demands

-To develop fraternal cooperation and spirit of solidarity and international mutual aid among teacher’ organizations and between them and workers trade unions

– To encourage action for the achievement in all countries

– Of public, compulsory and free education without social discrimination as  to sex , race, or nationality

-Of a democratic national education having a scientific and humanist content.
– Of a permanent education for workers and the literacy teaching adults.
– To assure solidarity and moral and material support to trade  union organizations in education  struggling for economic and social demands  for the achievements ,defense and advancement  of their trade union rights and  professional liberties , for a democratic education , for social progress, for democracy and for peace .
-to organisation aid for the consolidation  of teachers’ unions in countries where teachers’ trade unionism is still weak .
– to express the interests of teachers on the international level , at international , regional and governmental  organizations such as  ILO, UNESCO etc , which are concerned with the problems of education and economic, social and professional situation of teachers.
-to struggle against wars and their causes, by the  reduction of military budgets   or the increase  in all countries of  resources devoted  to instruction , education and science and for the utilization of  scientific and cultural  achievements in strengthening  peace and friendship  among peoples and against militarism and racism.

The   international life of FISE is based on the trade union democracy. FISE maintains its relations with   national, regional and international teachers’ organizations on the basis of mutual respect and full equality of rights and non interference of internal affairs.

Its leading organs functions on the basis of collective leadership. In the elaboration of decisions, they utilize method of wide consultations.

FISE carries out its activities in the fallowing way;

– it maintains permanent contact with  affiliated and  non affiliated national organizations, according them  fraternal support and mutual assistance  in the spirit of  international solidarity.

– to undertake permanent exchange of information and experience with professional organisation  in education  and with all those which can  help to better achieve its aims for the living and working conditions of teachers, the situation of education  and  the school , and problems of education.

-it participates actively in the work of international organizations concerned with workers in teaching and education.

– it organize exchange of delegation of educational workers between countries and maintain  regular correspondence  and teachers and pupils.

-it convenes meetings, gatherings and colloquies of representatives of and pedagogical
trade union organisation  of the various countries on the  regional  and international level to study  professional and trade union  questions  concerning workers in education .

-it elaborates inquiries and studies on themes concerning education personnel, their trade union and   pedagogic activity and problems of education.
-it produces publication the journal Teachers Of  the World  and information bulletin International teachers’ News , as  well as  utilizing other ways and means  of publication  to  make known the aims and decisions  of FISE

– to maintain close collaboration with WFTU

FISE is composed of two categories of organizations
1) Member organizations of FISE
2) Associated   organizations of FISE
Those which may join FISE are national teachers’ unions or national teachers’ organisation having trade union character and which accept the present constitution
Any national teachers’ unions or national teachers’ organisation having trade union character may be a member of FISE , whatever its structure or composition , whatever may be the  international affiliation  of its national centers or whether or not it belongs to national center.
As a rule affiliation  to FISE is granted to one national organisation grouping the same category of educational workers.
All members of FISE have the same rights and duties and determine their programmes and national activities in full sovereignty.

Those Associated   with FISE include
-educational associations and pedagogical or cultural organizations
-national, regional or international trade union organizations of educational workers wishing to establish close cooperation with FISE
All organizations associated with FISE have the right to participate I all activities of FISE but have no vote.
The leading organs of FISE whose factions are defined in the fallowing sections

The conference of FISE
The Administrative Committee
The Bureau
The Secretariat
The Audit Committee

V The Statutory  conference of FISE:
The Statutory conference of FISE is highest body of FISE composed delegates from Member organizations of FISE and Associated   organizations. Upon the decision of The Administrative Committee, the representatives of organizations not affiliated to FISE may participate in the conference as observers. The delegates and   observers have the consultative status. The Statutory conference of FISE is convened every four years.
An extra ordinary conference may be convened by the decision of the Administrative Committee or upon the  demand  of at least half of the affiliated organisation .
One month before the conference the secretariat will send all basic documents due to be discussed to affiliated organizations.
The representation of the affiliated organisations is on the following basis
Up  to 10,000 ……one member ,
10,001   to 50,000 ……two members ,
50,001to 100,000 ……three members ,
100,001to 250,000 ……four members,
250,001to 500,000 ……five members
More than 500,000 members, one additional delegate per each 500,000 members. Each delegate has one vote. If a member organisation cannot be represented at the conference by the full entitlement of delegates, the delegation representing this organisation has a right to vote in accordance with the above mentioned scale.
The conference of FISE
elaborates the professional and trade union program of action of FISE;
discuss all questions concerning the aims and tasks of FISE;
amends and modifies the constitution;
studies and adopts the minutes of the administrative committee and the auditing commission;
decides on all questions concerning the membership or exclusion of organisation;
elects the administrative committee and the auditing commission.
All the decisions of the conference are taken after a broad and through discussion , by a simple majority.
Amendments to the constitution must be adopted by a two-thirds majority.
French, Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic are the official languages of the conference.
The expenses incurred by the delegates of the conference are the responsibility of the national organisation.
THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE is the organ of the collective administration of FISE between conference.
THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  elects President ,Vice- President and members of  Secretariat of the FISE.
THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  has the right to elect as  a member of the Secretariat a representative of an organisation  which may not  be member of THE  ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE .
If  a  member of  THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  cannot fulfill his mandate , he may be replaced on the proposal  of the organisation  which has designated him by another representative. The new candidates should be ratified by the    ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE
The   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  meets at least once in an year.
An extra ordinary session of THE  ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE   may be convened upon the request of at least one third of its members or upon the proposal of the Bureau
THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  has the fallowing functions .

= it sees to the concrete application of the resolutions of the statutory  conference.
– it examines and votes on the annual budget of FISE
– it establishes  the work plan of the FISE .
– it decides the venue and date of  the conference, prepares the agenda  and  drafts the basic documents.
– it reports on its activity to the conference of FISE
-it  makes recommendations to the conference on requests for affiliation.
THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE  takes the decisions  by simple majority vote.
The members of the Audit Committee , Editor of the magazine, and the chairman of the specialized commissions participates in THE   ADMINISTRATIVE   COMMITTEE .
The Bureau  of FISE must see to the application of the decisions of  the Administrative Committee . It examines the important and urgent tasks between the sessions of  the Administrative Committee. It  meets at the request of the Secretariat after consultation by the president , or upon the request of its members . The Bureau  is composed of President ,Vice- President and members of  Secretariat of the FISE.
VIII The Secretariat
The   Secretariat  of FISE is composed  of  General Secretary  and Secretaries. The Secretariat is the permanent  organ of the FISE  for the application and achievement of  the decisions  of the leading organs and  the day to day work . The  members of the  Secretariat   are ex officio members of the Administrative Committee and  the Bureau  of the  FISE.

The Secretariat
– implements the decisions  of the   Statutory  conference and  other leading bodies
-organises the international solidarity campaign with educational workers
-maintains permanent contacts with affiliated  organisations
-represents FISE in the  WFTU, and international, inter governmental or nongovernmental organisations
-is responsible for editing and distribution of all publications of FISE
-prepares  ,the drafts budgets for annual expenditures , draft plan of work and presents them for the adoption of the Administrative Committee and the Bureau  of the  FISE.
Administrative Committee   of the  FISE.
-is responsible for filing of documents and financial statements which it presents for examination  by the auditing commission
-drafts the report of the activity  of the FISE and presents to Administrative Committee  of the  FISE.
For examination.
IX The auditing committee
The  conference of the FISE  elects three members which constitutes auditing commission. The  commission elects the Chairman .
The auditing commission members verify once a year the accounts and budgetary documents of the FISE. Chairman of the commission presents a report to Administrative Committee and conference.
The expenditure made by the members auditing commission to implement their verification are covered by the FISE .
X  Specialized commissions
By decision  of Administrative Committee , Specialized commissions may be created  for a more thorough study  of complex  problems or  for specific work in the various  fields of activity  of FISE
XI Financial Resources and the Budget of FISE
Financial Resources of FISE are provided by
– dues paid by the teachers’ trade union organizations affiliated to FISE . The level of dues is established by a special regulation adopted by the Administrative Committee

-voluntary contributions that can be made  by the teachers organizations affiliated to FISE
– the sale of  publications and subscriptions to FISE magazines.
FISE does not accept any financial contributions from political organizations, Governments or private foundations.
Membership dues are paid every six months. Any organisation which does not pay its dues for any half year may loose the RIGHT to full participation in FISE conference , in this event the RIGHT  of  participation  is determined by the Administrative Committee
XII Discipline
Any member organisation  of the FISE which may be guilty of a serious infraction  of the present constitution can be excluded  from the FISE by a two third majority  on a roll –call  vote at the statutory conference  for a motion presented by the Administrative Committee
XIII Head Quarters of FISE
The Head Quarters of FISE are in Hyderabad (India). It can be changed upon by the decision of the Administrative Committee