Condolences for the deaths of Paris -Solidarietà workers and students in Italy affected by the police

Rome, Nov/14/2015

War and terrorism, exploitation and repression that is the violence of the masters.

Solidarity is true in fighting organized and unified workers

Nov. 20 strike of all public workers

Yesterday was a day of tremendous violence but not the first will be the last.

The dead Paris overshadow every other fact: the shock, pain and anger are the feelings aroused by the blind violence that strikes the innocent.

The massacre yesterday reminds us all the others, is an act of war continues involving the whole world and there are deaths that are worth more.

It’s been less than a month after the massacre in Ankara where they were killed more than 120 anti-war demonstrators, thousands are immigrants who have died at the borders of Europe, which bombards and exploits them, and other bombings in Beirut and in the first Tunisia, the continuous bombardment against the Syrian people, Kurdish and Palestinian, are only the tragedies closer.

Rivers of blood to ensure profits otherwise difficult to do.

The war economy, the capitalist system is imposing to all, is the result of its structural crisis, the destruction is the common character of all aspects of government policy and the European Union itself.

It bombards abroad, with related expenditure on arms; they extort the workers in your country, you take the racial and religious hatred, it feeds ignorance while destroying the welfare state and deletes democratic freedoms in a state of perpetual war.he Troika and Governments his servants attempt to destroy collective freedoms, the right to demonstrate to the strike, the democratic Europe represses those who rebel as in Greece where the union PAME undergoes political arrests and dismissals, or the same as in the case of France Air France workers.

Yesterday was also the day of the first strike School in Italy and we saw the work of the violent repression against students and workers.

The systematic repression of students, always the youngest, is the true face “education” and “training” that the governments of the new age damage to future generations.

Sowing fear. Fear to participate in the democratic life of the country, fear of a say in the streets like in school.

Feel the power of the ruling class that is determined to defend his position at all costs.

Yesterday, also, the work was much finer, for the first time in Rome there were clashes: the Prefects of Rome has concentrated the force that was to reassure the media while in Naples and Milan, the police charged violently.

We express our full solidarity to students and colleagues

yesterday went on strike and demonstrated against the law 107/2015, denounce

the police violence that has affected them and we do continuing

struggle against the policy of war impressed by the government in the next Renzi Law

stability against the welfare state and workers all.