Coca cola company out of schools !


αρχείο λήψης (1)During the past years, businesses have invaded into the schools to promote their products and to cultivate a “business spirit” among the students and with the blessings of the European Union and the Ministry of Education, which tries to reduce even more the budget for the education.

For these companies, the problems in education seem to be a good business opportunity. They teach to the children to accept the companies as benefactors of the society and hide the role of the workers, who, without their labour nothing can be produced.

imagesThey talk to young students about “entrepreneurship”, while small businesses of their parents are on the brink of destruction.

When the multinational companies come in schools, they want to have a say about the content of education, something that in Greece has not gone as faras they wanted to, thanks to the intervention of the class movement. As a result, such programswere inhibited in many municipalities, including the one of Coca-Cola, thanks to mobilizations of teachers, parents, workers trade unions.

αρχείο λήψηςIn Greece, in Thessaloniki, in particular, the Coca-Cola company, sacked thousands of employees so that it is transferred to Bulgaria and have even more profits. The laid-off workers of coca cola though, are at the same time parents of students in schools about which they supposedly care! Workers at the factory of Coca-Cola in Thessaloniki -which, while it makes huge profits, closed down and went to Bulgaria- give a big strike struggle for the annulment of all the redundancies and the reopening of the factory. αρχείο λήψης (3)Together with the teachers of the class movement have managed to cancel many “educational” programs and demand from the government

to prohibit the entrance of businesses in schools, to make a law that forbids any business activity in our schools.

Their fair demand

  • COCA-COLA company out of schools!
  • No businesses in schools! Exclusively public and free education for all.

is also a demand of the class movement of teachers, represented by the World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of WFTU.