CIG (Intersindical Confederation of Galicia): Cordial greetings and congratulations to WFTU for its 75 years

From the Intersindical Confederation of Galicia (CIG), we want to send a cordial greeting and our congratulations to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and his General Secretary, George Mavrikos, for its 75 years of existence, since the creation in Paris, in day October 3, 1945.

We value the work of the WFTU throughout this time, in the defense of the rights of the working class, the fight against imperialism, for social justice and for the self-determination of the peoples. And we have deep respect for your track record, which is backed by the more than 105 million workers in 132 countries with affiliates, including some of the CIG’s own Federations.

The WFTU  has demonstrated over the years its unwavering commitment to the struggle for a world without exploitation and sustainable, at the service of the people, betting on a class-oriented, internationalist and solidarity union model. A union model that is committed to the mobilization and direct participation of workers in their struggles.

The worrying times that we are living now, due to the expansion of COVID 19, and the unstoppable advance of imperialism and neoliberal policies, have shown that state governments and international institutions, in the hands of capitalism, have not been able to take care of their citizens and that make even more necessary a decisive, frontal and coordinated action of all class organizations that, like the WFTU, seek a more just and egalitarian future for the vast majority of our peoples, and the improvement of their living conditions.

We regret that this commemoration cannot be celebrated as it should have been, due to restrictions due to the pandemic, and we hope that sooner rather than later we can meet again in person, as we have done in many past acts and events, and exchange opinions and experiences of class struggle.

We want to extend these congratulations to all the organizations that are part of the WFTU, and especially to those with which we maintain a close relationship and collaboration, especially from the peoples that, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine and other peoples of the world, they are suffering more intensely the consequences of imperialism.


From Galicia, from the CIG, our solidarity greetings.

The fight continues, until the final victory!


Santiago de Compostela, October 8, 2020.


Signed: Secretary General of the CIG.          Signed .: Resp. International Relations of CIG

Paulo Carril Vázquez                                          Xosé L. Rivera Jácome