Chicago teachers strike: FISE, sends a message of solidarity to the CTU


 The World Federation of Educatiors FISE, sends a message of solidarity to the CTU

Chicago teachers went on strike Thursday 17 October, marching on picket lines after failing to reach a contract deal with the nation’s third-largest school district in a dispute that canceled classes for more than 300,000 students.

The strike came after the Chicago Teachers Union CTU confirmed Wednesday night that its 25,000 members would not return to their classrooms. It follows months of negotiations between the union and Chicago Public Schools that failed to resolve disputes over pay and benefits, class size and teacher preparation time.

The strike is Chicago’s first major walkout by teachers since 2012 and city officials announced early Wednesday that all classes were canceled for Thursday in hopes of giving more planning time for parents.



we support the teachers’ strike

for increase in wages

for the right of all children to public modern education without any fees,

for the education that the working class needs and which satisfies the rights of teachers.