Celebrated the 20th Congress of FISE – A great Congress

24 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East)

31 unions

250 delegates – teachers

The 20th Congress of FISE, the sectoral teacher’s organization, affiliated to the WFTU, was successfully held in Caracas, Venezuela.
The leadership of the WFTU was represented by Comrade Valentin Pacho, WFTU Deputy General Secretary.

The Congress:
-voted the document Caracas Declaration on Education
-voted the FISE Action Plan 2012-2013
-elected by voting the new FISE leadership headed by the new General Secretary, Comrade Orlando Perez and President comrade Hassan Ismail.
-During the Congress, 10 new unions requested official affiliation to FISE.

Together we get over yesterday!
We move on with militant spirit!

FISE has a new e-mail address: fise@wftucentral.org

You can contact FISE through this e-mail. Please do not use any previous FISE e-mail address.