Black day in the history of Education unfortunate news suicide of a Teacher Farooq Ahmad due to pending regularisation from Mohre zone Bagard- Generalissimo Patro, Honorary Teachers’ Federation Of india (HTFI)

Black day  in the history of Education unfortunate news suicide of a Teacher Farooq Ahmad due to pending regularisation  from Mohre zone Bagard. Honorary Teachers’ Federation Of India (HTFI) vehemently condemns the state Govt callous   approach towards pending issues of 10 + 2 Teachers.The  deliberate sucide of Teacher deceased Farooq Ahmad of Bagard outraged the whole humanity  zone Mohre . Generalissimo Patro said that the death is a great irreparable  loss to society.Very unfortunately a bad black day in the history of Education department. First Govt appointed them later on playing with their aspirations for non issuance of regularisation order. On behalf of HTFI, Generalissimo Patro appeals Worthy Director General of police kindly deep probe be done for the circumstances which led to suicide of Teacher and circumstances forced to opt suicide as ultimate option.The FIR be lodged to nab culprits created such forceful conditions for sucide be booked under law as are murders of humanity.  We all employees in unison voice  appeal Govt to provide compensation and alternative employment to his close blood successors for survivability  and sustenance of the deceased family. Teachers suicide for salary release or regularisation speaks alot about the fate of Education sector.As Govt is proving deaf and dumb towards employees genuine problems. We all employees in solarity will celebrate Teachers death as  a black day.we will chalk a strategic planning for peaceful protests for one Time resolution of all Teachers so that not a single Teacher is left out without conversion to Grade 2nd Teachers .As Govt delay  issues of 7000 Teachers being undergraduate still wait for their salary release and orders .when employees salary of 7 Months will remain unreleased especially of undergraduate Teachers. How they can sustain their families besides personal expenses.The excess exploitation leads to suicide.we all mourn his death.we request Govt do not play with aspirations of Teacher community especially with undergraduate in service Education Ret  employees who wait for conversion to Grade 2nd Teachers.we further appeal to all 70000 Teachers etc on willingly  voluntary basis to contribute financially to personal Bank account of legal heirs  of above said  deceased Teacher on humanitarian basis so that the family of Deceased will heave a sigh of relief.
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers’ Federation Of India (HTFI)