Bahrain Education Association: “The worst historical crisis to pursue the teachers and students of Yemen”  

Bahrain Education Association

 “The worst historical crisis to pursue the teachers and students of Yemen”

In solidarity with the Yemeni teacher, who has been living a tragic situation for more than two years, all unions and educational associations affiliated with the Arab Organization for Education and the Bahraini Education Union agreed to make December 1 a day of solidarity with the Yemeni teacher under the slogan ” A humanitarian priority that brings us together. “
The Bahraini Teachers’ Syndicate regrets that more than 200,000 Yemeni teachers and teachers have lost their salaries for more than two years. The situation in Yemen has become a tragic situation for both teachers and students, not to mention the catastrophic situation caused by the destruction of more than 1,600 schools. In the inability of 54 million Yemeni children to attend school since 2017, according to UNICEF reports.
We appeal to international organizations such as the United Nations and Arab entities to open aid funds to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni teachers and their families, many of whom have been forced to leave their jobs and seek alternative employment to support their families. The continuation of this disastrous humanitarian situation threatens to overthrow education in Yemen and paralyze the country’s greatest potential for life and development.
We stand with my teachers in Yemen and salute them in spite of their suffering and catastrophic situation. We ask God Almighty to remove them from them and to facilitate their reasons to overcome this harsh ordeal and to return to their former status, but go beyond the above to the best life and the best work.