ARGENTINA: Internationalist Solidarity with and the Workers of the Teaching Service and the Argentine people.

The International Federation of Trade Unions of Education (FISE) representing the 122 member countries of the five continents, and being one of the UIS Affiliated to the WFTU-FSM (WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS) with its more than 95 million workers in 130 countries, expressed expressing itself by Full Support and Internationalist Solidarity, for the teaching workers and the Argentine people, likewise, we strongly condemn and repudiate the decision of the government in turn that wants to deprive young people from 15 to 18 years of age who work access to compulsory secondary education and therefore to the teaching staff, this when trying to close 14 night schools; consequently affecting them arbitrarily and directly in each of their jobs, LA FISE AS WELL AS THE WFTU, supports the class union movement and ratifies that it is on the side of the workers, always emphasizing attentive to the just defense of the rights of students who fight for the continuity of night schools, for more scholarships and free tickets for all and all students of the night shift.

We ask the National Government headed by the president, Ing. Mauricio Macri, to be aware of the serious situation that this decision would cause, and of course, we respect with respect and adherence to international labor law, to address this complex situation immediately and instead of closing night schools, investing in the generation of more and better jobs for teachers, we point and hope to open more public schools, new places for teachers of new income, a significant increase in night schools and of course contrary to the cut budget is guaranteed greater budget, the unprofitable and inviolable UNIVERSAL RIGHT FOR A PUBLIC, COMPULSORY, LAY AND FREE EDUCATION. BEING THAT OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

We hope that a dialogue table will be opened that will lead to concrete, just agreements in bilateral forms, which will strengthen the Worthy Work. And it should be pointed out that there is still confidence that the intervention of the INTERNATIONALIST UNIT will not have to come from the 122 countries affiliated to the WFTU-FISE and distributed in the 5 continents of the world. Important union organizations UNITED IN ACTION AND WITH TOTAL SUPPORT adding forces.

  • No at the close of the 14 night schools.
  • Worthy Wage Increase, NOT the budget cut.
  • Social Security guarantees and a halt to attacks against teachers.
  • Respect for the Right to Strike.
  • Rejection of Neoliberal Policies and the Privatization of Education.
  • Solution to the demands of the Teachers Workers, as well as other demands expressed in the dialogue table and fight platform.

Mariano García
Secretary General of the FISE
The Secretariat