Argentina: 48-hour strike

Solidarity message                                                                         8/8/2014

Fellow teachers of  Argentina.
The secretariat of FISE is following  the developments in your country and salutes you.
We hope  for  a successful 48-hour strike that you have decided .The class teacher unions who agree with the line of FISE and the World Federation of Trade Unions must fight hard  these days thus the people stop  paying the burden  of this capitalist crisis.

The crisis was created by the  monopolies, multinational companies and  capitalist profitability. They will have to pay.
Comrades we must not kneel, must not stoop our  head. Instead we must strengthen the struggles for the  teachers’ rights , the students’ rights and the entire working class rights .
We also must strengthen the international solidarity and the organization of our unions.

Keep your strugles dynamic

With combative  salute.
The Secretariat.