Alba Labour Union Statement On The Occasion Of International Labour Day

ALBA Labour Union

Alba Labour Union Statement
On The Occasion Of International Labour Day

“Let’s Stand To Protect Our Rights & Achievements”

On the occasion of 1st of May, Alba Labour Union salutes the labour movement headed by Alba labour and all hardworking workers and congratulates the union movement around the world on this day which reminds us of the working class struggle to earn their livings and enhance their working conditions, this struggle which never ends against the aggressive imperialism to tame in order to stop stealing the rights of the workers and reducing their benefits.

Imperialism crisis which occur over  the world and causes to reduce  development rates and increases the prices in line  with financial depression which will lead to further social crisis starting from reducing the  buying power among struggling class, reduction in main services and dropping labour achievements. The financial tools of the imperialism such as International Monetary Fund and International Bank with their international consultations and financial proposals are only social and financial pitfalls that treats the results and leaves the causes to chuck the law and mid classes in the society by implementing more fees and customs and reducing workers benefits and removing social subsidies and instructing the governments towards privatization and dropping their social and financial responsibilities, these are the suggestions of the imperialism tools which leads to  misery, unemployment and further impoverish  to labour sector. This is what we feel today in our small community through deliberated austerity policies either from government approach in reducing subsidy and increasing the prices of goods and main services specially after staggering of oil prices which affected directly the national budget along with the decision makers approach in reducing the workers benefits which workers struggled through the years to achieve them and the approach to attack the union movement by negatively using union pluralism to spread discrimination between workers and by implementing the  temporary contracts and hiring migrant workers which already suffer persecution and exploitation and due to its high percentage in the labour market became a tool for employers to use it in unfair competition with national workers due to tier law salaries.

All these circumstances leads to further struggles and class conflict and form living pressures for the working class and union movement and this requires to recall lessons from its past experiences in order to lineup against the   complicated conditions.  Let 1st of May be a motive for us to stand strongly in front of the great attack on our achievements and legitimate rights. Long life working sector, long life 1st May the International Labour Day.

1st May 2016