A shame for the ETUCE ! It participates in imperial plans in Ukraine. DOE and OLME should withdraw immediately

edupame-agglikoA shame for the ETUCE !
It participates in imperial plans in Ukraine.
DOE and OLME should withdraw immediately

In this month’s newsletter of the ETUCE(European Trade Union Committee for Education), they present the visit of a delegation in Ukraine on March 13th and 14th of 2014.

The delegation met the direction of the teachers’ federation in Ukraine, the Minister of Education of the new pro-nazi government, the representatives of the USA embassy in Ukraine etc. As we see, that was not about a visit of “union or educative content”…
The Pan-Hellenic Teachers’ Secretariat of PAME has deposited a resolution , which mentions that “The ETUCE is a trade union only in a typical way. The very meaning of its action is the embellishment of the EU in the eyes of the workers.” This resolution was rejected by the other forces in the teachers’ federations of our country(DOE and OLME).
At this moment, things are getting even more dangerous.
The ETUCE is clearly in favour of the monopoly alliance of the EU, it is its extension, so that it can promote the imperial interventions, taking advantage of its role as an educational union.
All the political forces represented at the teachers’ unions of DOE and OLME, except for the KKE(Communist Party) insist on participating in ETUCE. They accept, in other words, that the teachers should pay their assistance so that the ETUCE can  apply its imperial diplomacy.
Especially the unionists of the so-called left, such as SYRIZA(an opportunist party, which belongs to the European left) are the most ardent supporters of the participation in the this unionist bureaucracy.
We invite the   teachers of Greece and of Europe to make use of that fact and jump to conclusions.
It is obvious that the line of the ETUCE, member of the E.I. (Education International), is dangerous for the unionist movement.
We demand the withdrawal from the ETUCE of the teachers’ federations of Greece, OLME and DOE, as soon as possible. This is a demand expressed only by the forces of PAME repeatedly.