On The New Shipwreck With Refugees

  The new tragedy near Paxoi island, with dozens of drowned and missing refugees and migrants is a premeditated crime. The imperialist competitions have turned the Mediterranean into a wet tomb.

Imperialist organizations and their governments are the real causes of the shipwreck, the tragedy for the uprooted who had been spared the heat of the wars that US-NATO-EU have unleashed in the region for the profits of a handful of monopoly groups.

It is the result of the unacceptable EU-Turkey agreement co-decided by the SYRIZA government and implemented by the ND government. The EU’s reactionary directives that have been incorporated and legislated over the past years. The Dublin Regulation and the prohibition on movement. Violation of the rights of refugees under the Geneva Convention. It is the result of the stagnation and unacceptable conditions experienced by refugees and immigrants across the Aegean islands throughout the country.

It is a provocation for the real responsibles to try to hide themselves behind the traffickers. The EU and governments’ anti-immigration policy that is pushing refugees and immigrants into the clutches of traffickers, and their policy that is escalating repression is supporting the creation of trafficking.

Workers, trade unions must strengthen solidarity and fight for the unblocking of refugees and migrants. To close the “Morias” camps and transfer the refugees and immigrants to decent facilities in mainland Greece, where their requests will be processed and transferred to the countries of destination. Strengthen the fight against the country’s involvement in US-NATO-EU war plans, against ratifying the agreement with the USA that turns Greece into a war bridge and target. The way out is in the struggle of peoples for a world without exploitation and imperialist wars, without refugee and migration.

14.1.20 On The New Shipwreck With Refugees