FISE supports the nationwide mobilization of FECODE

21st July 2018

FISE supports the nationwide mobilization of FECODE

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions stands by the teachers of the National Federation in Colombia (FECODE), who declared nationalwide strike on Tuesday the 25th of July.

One of the main reasons of this national day of mobilization is the threatening situation, which the teachers, students and educational institutions face in the whole country. The violence operators murder teachers and are intimidating the educating community in many different regions of the country. There are denouncements regarding the increasing death threats and murders by paramilitary groups all over the country.

Quite intense are also the complaints in the educational institutions due to the deficiencies in infrastructure, staffing, school transportation and the deficient financing.

We support the right requests of teachers, that concern all workers in Colombia and at the same time are tied to the problems of the working class and the teachers all over the world.

The struggle against the exploitation, the terrorism, for freedom and with the goal of acquiring our rights is common.

We wish the best for your struggles!