Solidarity and condemnation

Last week, the US authority blocked the authorization of the Secretary-General of the World Labor Union, Comrade George Mavrickus, to enter the United States at a special invitation from the United Nations to attend a meeting in March 2018. This aggressive decision on the right of the United Nations to invite those who wish to participate in its work, To Comrade Maverickus and to the World Federation of Workers in the struggle for the rights of the global working class and other hard workers, a proof of the validity of our Union’s positions of imperialist aggression against peoples, where the United States of America is the shield of any act of aggression in the world Especially what Israel and terrorist organizations from the killing and destruction in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries. The accumulation of such attacks threatens world peace. The FCE therefore sees that the struggle for the legitimate rights of teachers and workers is inseparable from the struggle against American arrogance against peoples.
The World Federation of Teachers (FISE) calls upon the United Nations and its Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, to take a clear stand in defending the right of the United Nations to invite those who wish to visit it in any State or to transfer its institutions to neutral countries that preserve the independence and sovereignty of the Organization

12 February 2018
Dr. Hassan Ismail

President of the World Teachers Union