Solidarity with Strikers of Metal, Tourism and Commerce Workers in Greece and FIAT workers in Serbia


Metal and Serbia

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions (FISE) affiliated to WFTU, we express our solidarity with the struggle of the workers of Metal, Tourism and Commerce Workers in Greece and in FIAT factories in Serbia.

Metal and Serbia 3

On July 13 the metalworkers in shipbuilding are going on strike demanding the signing of Collective Contract, as it was in 2009, which means reinstatement of wages and a series of workers’ rights, as work day time, health and safety regulations etc.

Metal and Serbia 2
 On July 16 the workers in Commerce-Retail are going on Strike against the demand of the big shop owners to liberalize work week and allow opening of shops also on Sunday, which was till today a day-off. This demand of the employers was accepted and legislated by the SYRIZA Government and on July 16 is the first Sunday that the shops are to open. Commerce workers Unions have warned that such a development will lead to deregulation of working week for all sectors and demand the cancelation of the Government’s decision. 

Metal and Serbia 4

On July 20 workers on Hotel-Tourism-Catering are going on Strike against the worsening of the working conditions and demand the reinstatement of Collective Contracts for the whole sector, especially the big, 5star hotels, owned by big multinational corporations. 

Also this day workers in FIAT factories in Serbia are going on strike against the multinational FIAT, demanding better wages and payment of overtime work, to stop the layoffs etc

We express our solidarity with these strikes. The workers have the power. Your struggle is our struggle. We wish you all success to your fight, we stand by your side