Students and parents at Reynolds Ohio rally to support the teachers’ strike.


Students and parents asked  school district officials of Reynolds in Ohio to make more in order  to end teachers’ strike.The protests took place in order to  show their indignation for the lack of  respect towards  the hard work and efforts of teachers. Other students stayed at home to support their teachers. Students and parents are concerned about the seriousness of the situation if teachers  and Management do not reach a deal or agreement . In this particular area of the district  there is no limit on the number of students in a  class and teachers are increasingly forced to do  more   with less . The co-president  of the  Reynoldsburg Education Association  declares that the conditions are  deteriorating, the number of teachers is not sufficient for the high and increasing number of students. Teachers are forced to seek for  better opportunities elsewhere. He says clearly that those who are   for the students can not be against the teachers.