1st May 2013

Message of FISE for the May Day, International Workers’ Day

            The Secretariat of FISE calls its trade unions-members around the world to honor the International Workers’ Day with mass militant events.

            FISE is an organization that struggles for the rights of teachers, as well as for the right of all children of the working class, farmers, self-employed, for the right of women to have access to education, to obtain class consciousness, to learn that without the struggles of the class-oriented trade unions they can not have achievements. 

            We call the teachers all over the world to talk about the red May Day in Chicago in 1886, the Spies’ Apology and the workers’ struggles around the world for the consolidation of the 8-hour working day, despite the difficult problems they face. We call them to connect the past with the present. To teach optimism, not only to students, but also to the teachers who have compromised, have bent to their knees and refuse to participate in the class struggles.

            The trade unions members of FISE have got increased duties. We must decisively plan and act. We must strengthen the voice of teachers. We have to inspire our students. We have to support the global trade union movement through the WFTU organizations.

Long live May 1st 2013